Monday, May 31, 2004

Outsourcing is bad for California?! Let’s outsource out prisons! .

This is just a crazy idea....

Ok, Arnie, this is how California can save lots of money and drive crime rates down. Let’s outsource our prisons to Mexico, Russia or China. This will be great, now we are talking about the real thing. I think that even the Federal prisons should be outsource. I mean what is wrong with sending the bed guys or at least the death row inmates somewhere out there. I read somewhere that a death row inmate cost us some $1k per day (sound a bit high if you ask me). These are some people that we do want to keep away from us anyway. And I think the USD goes much further in many of the suggested countries. No to mention that this could make some people think twice before committing a crime.
I know that this idea would not fly since we are such a humane society, but it’s just an idea.

Personally, I will advocate technology outsourcing, since I run an managed outsourcing company myself, and I know that this can save money not only on the development side, but also keep prices lower (not to forget higher profitsJ) But I think that when it comes to running businesses or even the state, we should think outside the box. Maybe my idea is not so far fetched after all, only time will tell.
Vassil Mladjov

Google IPO, I say; Buy, Buy, Buy!!!

They came, they learned, and made Google!
Vassil Mladjov [ &] | POSTED: 05.31.04 @22:30

OK, why are you guys so negative on Google? Why are people so jealous of other’s success? They came, they learned, and made Google! They change the Internet as we knew it.
I am not sure about the evaluation, this is up to Wall Street to determine, but one thing is for sure, Google’s IPO is nothing but a good thing for everyone.
First let’s not be so macroeconomic here, let’s look at things from macro view as well. Let’s look at how the Internet is changing our lives and work. Let’s not forget that before Google we were checking web listings based on ABC’s and BOLD listings.
I would like to use an analogy to FORD Motor. Yahoo, just liked FORD, makes easy and cheap listings that work. Than, the Germans made the Mercedes. Well, how can I compare the two, I can’t. We just can’t compare apples with oranges. One is there and running, the other is everywhere, is turning heads, faster and more sophisticated, more expensive and more desired, it a the BENZ, it's the Google.
It’s just a new way of thinking. Yahoo needs to really keep an eye on Google. For those of you who still may have some doubts about it, please take a look at Google’s labs. Again, these guys’ thinking is so much a head of the rest of the gang. And this is what we can see in the open world. Why do you think MSFT is putting so much and getting in the search game?! It’s a very profitable business.
The one who controls the web search will control the web.
Think about it. Would MSFT’s strategy to add a search engine inside the OS hurt Google ? Maybe. Did MSFT's media player stop us from using Real or QT’s ? NO! The question is what is the Internet transforming into. Well, let’s see. Mobile market for one is way bigger than the Internet on a global bases and the Internet will be part of it. TV and the Internet are converging as well, would we be doing searched for VOD movies from our remotes? I think so. Would NetFlix and Google make good partners in creating a multimedia portal that could offer VOD movies, MP3's or vlogs? The answer is YES. This better be on both companies’ product plans. NetFlix wants to get into the VOD DVD’s and Google needs to have a Multimedia portal similar to WindowsMedia, Yahoo’s Launch or AOL’s. Both can make more money, it’s simple.
I do think that Google has a lot to do about making money, but this will come. It will be much easier for Google to make money, since they don’t have to make the same mistakes as so many pioneers did. I do think that they have learned from the mistakes of the pack. The biz models are now refined.
How many have looked at the YHOO sticker lately? Just check the stock return since they went IPO in ’96. The stock today is at $30.66 (after 5 splits). I think it is about 2,000% up since its IPO. Not too shabby. You may want to do a comprising between YHOO and MSFT for the last 8 years as well.
If Google has even a fraction of Yahoo’s success I would be fine with that.
What does Google needs to do to be a winner in their IPO, keep it up? Believe in your own strategy?! Do you think that KPCB and the rest of the investors would let them do anything stupid at this point, come on. They have learned their mistakes and they want to make more money.
Be the leader, imbed Google with AMD, Java or just make the G-Chip. Be on the cutting edge, hire and keep the best and the geekiest out there. Get good marketing and biz dev people. Don’t change too much, but please do add some sexiness. This will be cool and it will pay off. CNET (a small fish in the pound) is charging some 50K for a home page flash ad. (and I think this is per day – sound high to me).
Outsource some of your development, so you can add all these cool top 100 things which otherwise we would need to wait for too long for. (I offer my Bulgarian connections, if you want great developers at 1/10 the US cost ;)
Give Gmail to the world, they would love it. I do. Yahoo hates you, they will loose millions as well as will many others, sorry.
Make Blogger, Vlogger :)
Good luck you baby xillionaires to be. Live the American dream. This is what life is about.
Vassil Mladjov

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Yahoo! email and sites are maybe down - is Akamai under attack?

what is going on today, why is Yahoo down and slow??