Monday, May 31, 2004

Outsourcing is bad for California?! Let’s outsource out prisons! .

This is just a crazy idea....

Ok, Arnie, this is how California can save lots of money and drive crime rates down. Let’s outsource our prisons to Mexico, Russia or China. This will be great, now we are talking about the real thing. I think that even the Federal prisons should be outsource. I mean what is wrong with sending the bed guys or at least the death row inmates somewhere out there. I read somewhere that a death row inmate cost us some $1k per day (sound a bit high if you ask me). These are some people that we do want to keep away from us anyway. And I think the USD goes much further in many of the suggested countries. No to mention that this could make some people think twice before committing a crime.
I know that this idea would not fly since we are such a humane society, but it’s just an idea.

Personally, I will advocate technology outsourcing, since I run an managed outsourcing company myself, and I know that this can save money not only on the development side, but also keep prices lower (not to forget higher profitsJ) But I think that when it comes to running businesses or even the state, we should think outside the box. Maybe my idea is not so far fetched after all, only time will tell.
Vassil Mladjov


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