Friday, February 04, 2005

Can you feel the electricity in the air? I could. I started to sweat, just a few feet from the Rat Pack.
If these guys can’t do it, than who can?!
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2005, whould he make it? I hope so. Posted by Hello

itss superman, its Bono, it's Bonoman :) Posted by Hello

man, I should have bought some Google stock. Posted by Hello

Chris rocks the house
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Gavin, despite his separation, he still wears his wedding ring. He is the man.
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Davos at -13 (negative) degree Fahrenheit Posted by Hello

To keep us entertain, the Russian milliners
brought Bolshoy theater to Davos. This was great.
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Let's party ! And man does this guy know how to rock the house. Posted by Hello

Whos is the middle again? Posted by Hello

From world politics to the patty, you can always meet interesting people in the bathroom. The conversations never stop.
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My table at the geek party. Gavin is on the center again.  Posted by Hello

"You have 955 new emails! All of which are marked urgent!" Posted by Hello

The conversation is getting hot Posted by Hello

From world peace to nanotech, to the three naked woman. Google it and you will find the answers.
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Oh, no Sergey is about to say hi to Shamon.  Posted by Hello

Your stock is now what? Man, I should have bought some *^%*&^%^#?! Posted by Hello

Yap, we were there together partying :) Posted by Hello

What would happpened if you combine Accell, GoreTV, Google and AO ? I don't know yet?! Posted by Hello

The boys are back in town Posted by Hello

How much for this ride again? Is this in CHF? I will take two. Plastic or paper? Posted by Hello

He did not needed to introduce himself after all Posted by Hello

Smile, you are in Davos Posted by Hello

Yes, she is the one Posted by Hello

How you doing :) Posted by Hello