Saturday, August 20, 2005

MSFT's butterfly is flying again :)

I saw this video yesterday at the BBS SF 2005. I just found the link and I think you should check it out. This is funy:)

Blog Business Summit SF 2005

I was at the BBS SF 2005 for the last few days.
I had a chance to chat with many old friends and to make few new once too. The summit was great. It was well orginazed and I think people also got a lot out of it.
There were many very interesting sessions on corporate blogging, blog networks, new tools and content creation. I think some of the content will be even available as podcasts and video on-demand. I am not sure about the links for it yet.

I did manage to get Robert Scobel to do a video blog on business blogging.
You will hear a bit too much of my voice in the back, sorry. I used my pocket digital camera for first time to have a video interview and the mic is way to sensative. This is a 400K Streaming video, so if you don't have broadband, you will not be able to see this. Sorry.

I got a copy from Microsoft of the new IE7 beta and its good. Now there are some problems. Yahoo mail for one does not recognize the IE7b version as a valid one and pushes you back to use the old YAHOO mail page. Well, after chatting with Sean Lyndersay, a lead Program MNG, Windows RSS, I fixed the problem in less than 5min.

You need to go to MSDN and search for "user agent" an dyou get this link

I had to trick it and midify the code and restart my new IE7 and it works great. Here is my code with 6.0 in it.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\5.0\User Agent]
"Version"="MSIE 6.0"

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\User Agent\Post Platform]

Save it as IE7UA.REG, double click and you are done.

This is for now


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Launching Blogtronix

OK guys,
I have been a bit quiet in the last few months. There is a good reason; I was very, very busy with a new startup. A few of you know about my work, but here it is as we are finally ready with our main product and almost ready to start beta testing with our clients.

Yes, it is true, I have been working on a new blogging and business-networking service and yes Marc, it is on Microsoft’s 2.0 .NET platform. I have joined the other side .

My new company is Blogtronix. ( We are going to provide secure blogging and social (and business) networking service to businesses, universities and government agencies.
I am today at the Blog Business Summit ( in SF and here is where we are making the announcement about our official launch. We are working on our web site as we speak, but soon there will be a lot more content, a free trial and who knows what else.

You may ask why we want to use .NET vs. Drupal or some other free blogging software. Well, because after talking to many corporations and potential clients, they all want a platform that integrates with your current IT infrastructure. So, since most desktops are a Microsoft based, why would you do anything else if you are going after the corporate market.

On top of the regular hosting, we are finishing a blogging appliance, which when connected to our main servers will create a true blogging and business delivery network.

There is a lot more that Blogtronix will do, but this is just a sneak peak at what we are working on. We did boot strap the company, and now that the product is ready are raising seed money to start selling.

Cheers for now,