Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Apple's New Video iPod

Finally the new Video iPod is here.
It's alive.
A bit late in the game, but still running.
I do hope that this helps Apple's QT 7 a bit, since MSFT has had WM platform portable players for years now.
It looks good, but I am not too impressed by it. I wanted a bigger screen myself and a camera on it :)
What's next? It's time for a Home Media center, powered by QT.
Come on Steve, time is running out.

"The new iPod boasts up to 20 hours of battery life(5), five hours more than before. Plus, you get a bigger display and one more iPod color — sleek black. But here’s the kicker: At under half an inch thin, the new 30GB iPod takes up about 45 percent less room than the original iPod. Even the new 60GB model is 10 percent thinner than the fourth-generation 20GB iPod. More features in less space? Sounds like iPod."
Not bad for $299 (starting)



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