Monday, November 07, 2005

Rocket Car 2- Samantha- Top speed 316 Mph

Click to watch: Rocket Car 2- Samantha- Top speed 316 Mph

Description: What do kids and their father do with broken cars?! They add rocket engines and test how fast they can go, or should I say fly. Ok, after reviewing the video frame by frame and doing some math, it turns out that our "car" traveled top speed of 316 Mph. or 510 Kmph, not too bad. This car's speed was slower, since we lost the back wheels in the first test. Also, in the end of the video you can see the impact of the car hitting a hill and a small explosion, yes we got the hill on fire. And yes, I must have broken my own record on 150 meter dash. Later I had to go and water the hill just in case it does not re-ignite later :( Kids, do not do this at home, even if you father says it's ok.


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