Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Google OS

Google to develop new OS?

OK, for a long time people have been talking about the GOS. So what? OS in my opinion are so old. Now, if Google, Apple, MSFT or SUN just would stop and think about this for a moment. It’s not about the OS any more people, Apple is now running on Intel and many have figured out a way to run WIN OS on the MAC.
I remember the time when I was in college in 1998 (graduating) and I was thinking about the great future of computer. Than it came to me. Why not just have a browser and run the apps in it. Yes, this was how I saw Web 2.0 in 1998. I did a lot of research and in ’99 a told my friend and mentor Doug Engmann about it (who has just sold his company to the Dutch ABN AMRO bank for $100M). Doug liked the idea and let me run with it. Soon I realized that the technology was already there and was not that expensive to buy and operate. Sun Micro Systems had developed their SUN Rays terminals, which allowed company to run Star Office over the net securely w/o the need of expensive PC. You simple run the apps in a server where the files are kept and backed up all the time. A smart card was used to gain access to your files, sessions and web access.
So, even MSFT had their solution at the time as well, I put my cards on SUN. I wrote a small biz plan and than I email Scott McNealy. A few days later I got an email back asking me to go to SUN and make a presentation about my grand idea. So, only a few months fresh from college I put on a suite got my PPT papers and the biz plan to drove to the SUN campus.
Wow, it was so cool, clean, and full of energy at SUN.
My idea was great, setup a service for apartment and office buildings and provide internet terminals with internet services as well as business applications for a small monthly fee.
I met with the GM of the SUN desktop and sun ray terminal division Gene Banman. A tall guys (like me) full of energy himself.
I thought that if I could just get 5 min of his time, that will be great. So, I sat down next to him and I showed him my paper. (I may have emailed them something as well, but I don’t think so) After a few minutes of chatting, Gene stood up and went to the white board, then he started to drew diagrams of their current systems and I joined him, trying to make my additions. The 5 min went by and than another 5 and than another and another, after 50 min later. Gene thanked me and told me that he will email me later.
I was so impressed by the meeting, but I also was very skeptical too. What if Sun just runs with my idea and do it themselves? I thought.
Well, a week or so later, Gene emailed me and asked me and asked me if I would consider and investment from him and other SUN executives. Wow, this was just what I wanted.
Later, I will skip the boring details, after we figured out that the time was not right yet for our grand idea :
- Terminals were too expansive
- The internet was too expensive
- Internet Connectivity (wires or wireless) was way too expensive
- People and companies did not understand what software as we service was.
So, we WiredResidence.com did not make it.
Any way, the reason I wrote this who into, was to show you, that now the moment for a similar web based OS is finally here.
Google and SUN or MSFT and Yahoo or AOL, Apple or Nokia could easily make this happen today (with the help of SBC or Verizon) The technology is here and the time is now. All you need is a small OS, fast internet, lots of storage and a CDN app system on the web.
So, would they do it? I think someone will. MSFT Office Live is a clear indicator of where MSFT wants to be. Google’s rumors of GOS and their partnership with SUN or the work of Yahoo or AOL in their labs (I can’t tell you all the details) also show their intend to dominate or be a big player in the on-demand services space of the future. Apple is half way there with .Mac and iWork. Steve is cooking the big Web 3.0 right now with content, service and great boxes.

I hope that Blogtronix will take its place of the new web 2.0 generation of service and 13 years after I first started to dream about web on-demand (this is a whole other KPCB story, so stay put for that post) now I will be able to finally do it right.

Web 3.0 is coming, are you ready? (yes 3.0 ;) )

Forrester Evaluating Corporate Blogging

Forrester's Charlene Li is looking into corporate blogging.
Here is my list of options that can make corporate blogging work.

The above info is a good start, but I would like to add the following as well.

1. Support
2. Active directory integration
3. High security options
4. Appliance for added security
5. Community blogging
6. Content corporate compliance tools
7. Statistics
8. Wiki integration
9. User rights and management
10. RSS readers integration
11. Mobile access
12. Video and audio integration

These are just some of the options we offer on our corporate blogging platform. There are a lot more to come that I can’t blog about yet.
Since, our startup Blogtronix (www.blogtronix.com) is based on the .NET platform, you can figure out that we do not think Drupal is the right choice for corporate blogging. Drupal is great for personal blogging and it is free. Many large companies are still reluctant to deploy open source platforms on their secure intranets or extranets, where corporate blogging will be useful for collaboration between employees, clients and partners. There are too many security risks and no professional (paid) support options for it. There is a great development community that can help with issues, but there needs to be a company for the insurance policy (if you want to call it that way) that the IT department can point to when the blog goes down and the PR person or the CEO is cutting the head count in systems department. My good friend Mårten Mickos, CEO of MySQL can teach many open source companies how to run successfully in the enterprise. They simply offer support, consulting and training options for their paid clients. JotSpot and SimpleText are also good examples of successful open source collaboration platforms with secure appliances and paid support.

P.S. And one more:
14. Make is simple to use :)

Monday, January 09, 2006

Blogging Delivered ?? - AT&T - Blogging, come on.

Blogging Delivered and AT&T

OK, so I had to drive to Vegas for CES. The flights were sold out or were to too expensive. I was driving through CA and there on Hwy 58, right before Bakersfield, CA (in the middle of nowhere) I saw it! A new AT&T bill board (blogging delivered)
(image placeholder)

( this is not the actual image,  I was a bit confused and I could not think at that point to take a picture. )
This came from Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/davidking/83057291/
Any way, why was this so confusing to me in the first play, well I will tell you.
AT&T are a complete idiots to start with.
White at CES, ( I was there to get new clients for my corporate community blogging platform) I stopped at the AT&T booth to chat with them and find out if they could use blogging for their PR or customer service, or internal collaboration, etc.
They answer was almost too shocking for me at that time, but very predictable, (what is blogging?, I don’t see how this has anything to do with our business) This is not a quote, but very close.
So, when I saw the cool green board, I did not know what to think any more, what was going on here. Is AT&T (or maybe SBC) as crazy as they look once again, or are they playing games. The one dragon head does not know what the other had said….

Other bloggers are also very confused as well I think or maybe a bit optimistic ( AT&T does NOT GET IT !!

The best of CES - Consumer 2.0

OK, CES is over, but the real affect from it will just begin to hit us.
I started writing a very detailed blog from CES with many picture and even video blogs, but than I stopped.
So, the gadgets were just great, but most people I think missed the point in my opinion about the GREATEST thing from CES. Robert Scoble gave us a bunch of great little posts and links to cool stuff, as well as many other geeks did, but again when people ask me what was the best thing from CES, what should I tell them.

Ok, the greatest thing was not a single gadget for me, but the huge adoption of service oriented entertainment and consumer services. It was all about services. Almost every other box and screen was not only connectable, but also billable.
What is the big deal about this?! Well, the whole biz model of companies is changing around consumer 2.0. It’s all about the min monthly price an end user is willing to pay for video or audio clips, VOIP or other information. Every manufacturer is also trying to imbed  itself into the recurring revenue model as much as possible. They are investing in service companies or creating new once from zero.

So, if you would to ask me about the best thing or a company that has best adapted for this new 2.0 economy, my answer will be MSFT by far. I have blog this before, and I will say it again. MSFT has by far found the right formula to be part of the new economy.  I must also add that I think a (small) reason for this may be the fact that I told them to do so a few years ago in a industry report and recommendation I did for them for the media industry. Thanks for listening Bill.