Monday, January 09, 2006

The best of CES - Consumer 2.0

OK, CES is over, but the real affect from it will just begin to hit us.
I started writing a very detailed blog from CES with many picture and even video blogs, but than I stopped.
So, the gadgets were just great, but most people I think missed the point in my opinion about the GREATEST thing from CES. Robert Scoble gave us a bunch of great little posts and links to cool stuff, as well as many other geeks did, but again when people ask me what was the best thing from CES, what should I tell them.

Ok, the greatest thing was not a single gadget for me, but the huge adoption of service oriented entertainment and consumer services. It was all about services. Almost every other box and screen was not only connectable, but also billable.
What is the big deal about this?! Well, the whole biz model of companies is changing around consumer 2.0. It’s all about the min monthly price an end user is willing to pay for video or audio clips, VOIP or other information. Every manufacturer is also trying to imbed  itself into the recurring revenue model as much as possible. They are investing in service companies or creating new once from zero.

So, if you would to ask me about the best thing or a company that has best adapted for this new 2.0 economy, my answer will be MSFT by far. I have blog this before, and I will say it again. MSFT has by far found the right formula to be part of the new economy.  I must also add that I think a (small) reason for this may be the fact that I told them to do so a few years ago in a industry report and recommendation I did for them for the media industry. Thanks for listening Bill.  


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