Monday, January 09, 2006

Blogging Delivered ?? - AT&T - Blogging, come on.

Blogging Delivered and AT&T

OK, so I had to drive to Vegas for CES. The flights were sold out or were to too expensive. I was driving through CA and there on Hwy 58, right before Bakersfield, CA (in the middle of nowhere) I saw it! A new AT&T bill board (blogging delivered)
(image placeholder)

( this is not the actual image,  I was a bit confused and I could not think at that point to take a picture. )
This came from Flickr -
Any way, why was this so confusing to me in the first play, well I will tell you.
AT&T are a complete idiots to start with.
White at CES, ( I was there to get new clients for my corporate community blogging platform) I stopped at the AT&T booth to chat with them and find out if they could use blogging for their PR or customer service, or internal collaboration, etc.
They answer was almost too shocking for me at that time, but very predictable, (what is blogging?, I don’t see how this has anything to do with our business) This is not a quote, but very close.
So, when I saw the cool green board, I did not know what to think any more, what was going on here. Is AT&T (or maybe SBC) as crazy as they look once again, or are they playing games. The one dragon head does not know what the other had said….

Other bloggers are also very confused as well I think or maybe a bit optimistic ( AT&T does NOT GET IT !!


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