Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Forrester Evaluating Corporate Blogging

Forrester's Charlene Li is looking into corporate blogging.
Here is my list of options that can make corporate blogging work.

The above info is a good start, but I would like to add the following as well.

1. Support
2. Active directory integration
3. High security options
4. Appliance for added security
5. Community blogging
6. Content corporate compliance tools
7. Statistics
8. Wiki integration
9. User rights and management
10. RSS readers integration
11. Mobile access
12. Video and audio integration

These are just some of the options we offer on our corporate blogging platform. There are a lot more to come that I can’t blog about yet.
Since, our startup Blogtronix (www.blogtronix.com) is based on the .NET platform, you can figure out that we do not think Drupal is the right choice for corporate blogging. Drupal is great for personal blogging and it is free. Many large companies are still reluctant to deploy open source platforms on their secure intranets or extranets, where corporate blogging will be useful for collaboration between employees, clients and partners. There are too many security risks and no professional (paid) support options for it. There is a great development community that can help with issues, but there needs to be a company for the insurance policy (if you want to call it that way) that the IT department can point to when the blog goes down and the PR person or the CEO is cutting the head count in systems department. My good friend Mårten Mickos, CEO of MySQL can teach many open source companies how to run successfully in the enterprise. They simply offer support, consulting and training options for their paid clients. JotSpot and SimpleText are also good examples of successful open source collaboration platforms with secure appliances and paid support.

P.S. And one more:
14. Make is simple to use :)


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