Friday, April 21, 2006

"Blogtronix is a Web Office technology" by Rod Boothby from Ernst & Young

Yesterday, I met Rod Boothby from Ernst & Young's Financial Services Advisory. Rob is probably the only person I have met so far that understands the true power of blogging and how enterprises can be using blogging, social networking and wiki technology. I had a blast talking to him as we discussing our technology and the way financial companies (or large organizations in general) can use blogtronix today. We even used a few white boards with flow charts and architecture sketches. Rob, just loves technology, understands is very well, and knows what he needs to make work easier for his co-workers and clients. My meeting with him, changed my idea of E&Y. These guys are now testing blogging and are doing it right too.

"Blogtronix is Web Office Technology

Blogtronixlogo.gifBlogtronix is the first example of an operating system in the cloud that I have ever had the pleasure of actually seeing work. Vassil Mladjov and his team truly understand the needs of a large enterprise when it comes to Web Office technology.

The Blogtronix system was built with enterprise users in mind from the ground up. Everything has access control. Everything has a stored history of changes. It is a full blown audit trail machine. Every post, every comment, every change is recorded. Everything is an object, which means you can create blogs and sub blogs with ease. Built on Microsoft's .Net platform, it will be both familiar and easily understood by the IT shops of large organizations.

Some of the most impressive features are much more basic. Blogtronix has a simple integrated AJAX powered authoring screen, which lets users drop literally any kind of web based content into the system. You just click a button and insert a file, a picture, a piece of FLASH directly into the post.

And I haven't mentioned anything about the built in statistics engine and reporting tools.

Imagine showing your boss that you wrote 54 posts in the last 6 months, with a total of 125,000 internal page views, and 636 comments from your co-workers and an average article rating of 4.8 out of 5 on a "This is useful" scale. These days, it is hard for knowledge workers to prove that they add value. Blogtronix will change that.

About the only thing that concerned me was the amazing abundance of features. Blogtronix is so far ahead of the curve, and so capable that it might prove too much for first time users. It's a nice problem for Vassil and his team to have. Vassil told me the solution was easy: "We just turn things off until they need it". The brilliance of the Blogtronix modular design shines through.

If you are trying to find a solution for internal enterprise blogging, you owe it to yourself to check out Blogtronix.


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